Exploration, faster.

Assess your exploration targets 100x faster with xFlare


Quickly assess greenfield and brownfield exploration targets throughout your portfolio.

Our 3-tiered approach covers everything you need to get started:

We work with your team to ensure the proper data leads to the best decision.

ExploreTech’s cloud-based system performs inversion and drilling optimization.

Visualize exploration targets and drillhole plans with our Viewer platform.

ExploreTech’s xFlare fits your deposit style to data, then automatically generates optimized drilling campaigns.

Since this process is automated, exploration targets are assessed 100x faster than standard approaches.

xFlare uses AI tools under the hood, but it doesn’t need training data – only your geological expertise.

Step 1: Geophysical Inversion

Our cloud-based probabilistic inversion software automatically creates geological models that match (1) your geological hypothesis and (2) your geophysical data.

Step 2: Drilling Optimization

The inversion results from Step 1 are used to design drilling programs that adhere to your drilling limitations, such as drill pad accessibility and cost constraints.

Step 3: Repeat

xFlare’s speed unlocks the ability to iterate and decide at scale. Assess tens or hundreds of exploration targets to see which ones to prioritize.

Alex Miltenberger, PhD

Alex Miltenberger, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

Alex is a world-leading expert in geophysics and data science. His 8 years of professional and research experience spans a variety of disciplines, including mineral exploration, civil/geotechnical engineering, and groundwater science. Throughout this time, he has built commercial AI software, made foundational contributions to geophysical inverse theory, and authored 6 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Alex has a BS in Applied Geophysics from Michigan Tech and a PhD in Geophysics from Stanford University.

Tyler Hall, PhD

Tyler Hall, PhD

Co-Founder & President

Tyler is a geologist and data scientist with eleven years of experience between research and the real world. Formerly working with Freeport McMoRan and Glencore, Tyler built upon industry experience in his PhD dissertation titled "Efficient Greenfield Mineral Exploration", where he made key contributions to AI and decision science with actionable applications to real-world problems.

Tyler has a Bachelor's in Geological Sciences from Hartwick College and a PhD in Geological Sciences from Stanford University.


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